How to get certified “Google for Education Basics Exam” for FREE

In my Google Student Ambassador’s life, It was an important point that we should get certification of “Google Apps for Education” tools as we focused on spreading the words on these tools a lot.

If you are a fan of Google apps for education and use these tools in your daily life, I suggest go and get certification will surely boost your resume. There are two levels of “Google for Education” exam.

Level 1: Learn the basics  (FREE)

Level 2: Become a Google Educator (minimal fee)


Google Training Tools
Google Training Tools

Level 1: Learn the basics (FREE)

First take the below lessons and get some basic knowledge of GAFE tools:

I am sure when you will take above lessons, you would have learnt some new things. After then, take FREE basics exam here

Your Certificate will look like this 😉

Google For Education Certificate

Level 2: Become a Google Educator 

When you have passed Basics exam, It’s time to take one more step and show your skills to be recognized as “Google Educator”. You will receive a certificate on passing 5 related exams. Following is the list of lessons of each tool.

Required courses, You must have to pass these courses exams to be a Google Educator

 Elective courses, Choose any one of them to complete your certification.

When you complete these lessons, go to to take the test. It costs $15 for each course.


I believe you got this information helpful. Write you feedback after completing the FREE “Google For Education” Basic Exam certification.

5 thoughts on “How to get certified “Google for Education Basics Exam” for FREE”

  1. Hi Muhammad Adnan, I have a question. My company recruits the employees to finish the lesson and basic exam during summer break. I did a mistake. After finish the first lesson (Gmail), I started the basic exam. But then I realized that I was supposed to finish all the lessons (there are 6 lessons, right?) to be able to do the exam well. So I stopped it. When i finished all the 6 lessons, I tried again to do the exam but it didn’t work. The page wouldn’t come the basic exam and kept telling me: “500 Internal Server Error
    The server has either erred or is incapable of performing the requested operation.”

    What should i do to be able to do the test?

  2. I am able and love google and i want a part of google and study well about google.i can grow up google don’t avoid me plss

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