Run youtube in Pakistan

Disclaimer: I am really sorry I am telling you the way that how you can run the youtube in Pakistan.

I was actually in need of playing the Web development tutorials videos on youtube, Google hangouts with developers, Webmasters and wanted to show some educational material to my kids. As you guys know Youtube is banned since few years in Pakistan. There are many free solutions available from Chrome Extensions to Proxy sites. But I think the best way is to use some Paid VPN. I have used Boxpn for couple of years and now I want looking to find the best one. My techie friend suggested me to use Witopia VPN. So, I went a head and purchased their PRO Yearly plan in $69.99

I am sharing a link below, by using that link you can get 15% discount.

I am coding web applications since 2001. So, I had to find a way to run youtube to run my business.


Update: I found another AD FREE resource for running youtube in Pakistan.

Download TOR browser and enjoy youtube for FREE



How to get certified “Google for Education Basics Exam” for FREE

In my Google Student Ambassador’s life, It was an important point that we should get certification of “Google Apps for Education” tools as we focused on spreading the words on these tools a lot.

If you are a fan of Google apps for education and use these tools in your daily life, I suggest go and get certification will surely boost your resume. There are two levels of “Google for Education” exam. Continue reading “How to get certified “Google for Education Basics Exam” for FREE”

Show hidden files in OS X Mavericks

I bought Macbook pro core i7 couple of months ago and upgraded to OS X Mavericks as soon as Apple released first time a free version for their loyal users.

while working on MAMP, I had a need to show the hidden library folder and .htaccess files in finder.

here is the terminal command to show the  hidden files and folders on OS X Mavericks

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

Note: You will write this command in Terminal.