how to use Google Drive ‘Save to Drive’ button on your website

Google Drive allows us to save and organize the files (videos, photos, documents etc) in the Google’s cloud and access them anywhere on any device. If you go to you will see list of your files in Google drive. To know more about what Google Drive is, I will recommend watch these introductory videos as I am going to  focus more on its implementation and integration in your apps i.e We will be diving in Google Drive APIs.

Have a look at Introduction to Google Drive API.

Lets start with ‘Save to Drive’ button. It is same like you have seen +1 button on sites. If you are running a photos blog and wants your users to save the photos in their Google Drive. You can create a ‘Save to Drive’ button under each photo and share your photos with them. Following is the code to use on your website.


You will see a ‘Save’ button with Drive icon below and this button is generated by using above code. Click on it and see how it behaves 😉


If you have some different use of ‘Save to Drive’ button in your mind, please share with us in comments below. We love to hear your thoughts.


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  1. Dear Adnan Bi Thanks about this post i’ll try this code in my CMS but one thing how i fetch all record of images in Google Drive?

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