SQL/CSV importing error: Got a packet bigger than ‘max_allowed_packet’ bytes

I got this error today when I was importing a CSV file in MYSQL using phpMyAdmin. This error can be with SQL importing as well. It appears because of some (let’s say description) field needs to extend its length. After searching a lot on web, I found I would need to edit my.cnf file variable ‘max_allowed_packet’ to maximum bytes. If you are doing this on your local machine or VPS you can edit file directly. but there is another nicer way to do that. Continue reading “SQL/CSV importing error: Got a packet bigger than ‘max_allowed_packet’ bytes”

Google Summer of Code 2010, 2nd Week !

In this week, I have finally started getting my hands over with REAL OOP in php. I have developed a class structure named Abstract Factory Pattern that will be more enhanced as I move forward.

Currently, the class structure includes an Abstract Relation Schema Class which will be the extended by PDF,DIA,VISIO,SVG and EPS Schema classes. There is a User Schema Class that contains almost all the User Interface elements.

well, I am not yet able to implement the PDF Export in this class structure yet. But I am sure, In next week. I will be able to do so. I have pushed export_branch in my git repo at repo.or.cz

I learned a lot in this week, Thanks to Google Summer of Code and phpMyAdmin !

Summer of Code – First week ended !


Today is end of the first week and In this week, I tried my best to figure out the following things !

1. Forked my git repo from repo.or.cz

2.  Played with Git Commands and still learning it.

3. Explored OOP techniques for coding the base class structure and sub classes for each Exporting Type. I will come up with the sample code in next week.

Looking forward 😉

Useful string formatting functions screencast

It was really a nice experience in making a screen cast for screenr/nettuts+ contest. Though I am not an English guy 🙂
I am interested to do more quick tips in future as I felt its easy to make screen casts rather than we think 🙂
I am waiting for your thoughts in the comment section.
Useful string formatting functions

Continue reading “Useful string formatting functions screencast”