Google Code-in 2011 Mentor

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hi guys, I got a Fedex guy call today “I have a parcel from US”. I was surprised what will be in parcel?
Finally, when I opened the parcel, I was surprised to see my Google Code-in T-shirt. They sent me because I was Mentor of Google Code-in from RTEMS Project. I supervised few tasks for students. 10 Winners of Google Code-in have been announced and  surprising thing is there were 5 students from India who will travel to Google Mountain View with their parents isn’t it awesome ??

I wish if there are more Pakistani’s too in the list of winners. please spread the words as much as possible. Thanks

4 thoughts on “Google Code-in 2011 Mentor”

  1. sir i m also interested in this work with google and i know little about it so please guide me properly…….


  2. my aim to open a new microsoft company in pakistan so i m also intrest in this google site i m also get this shirt so what can i do ?

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