Husband and Wife Relation !

This is the one that i found from some source and i really liked it. We all who are married should read these words for our happiest life.


Let me tell you the ways to get to his heart
Delicious food is where you should start
A really good meal – there’s nothing like it
Be it steak or biryani, kebabs or fish
When he returns home from work, greet him at the door
A really nice smile will please him for sure
Elegant clothes, make-up, perfume applied
All these things make for an attractive wife.
Serve him his meal and do it with style
The domestic woes can wait for a while.
Be a good listener – Was his day alright?
Be ready to give him support and advice
When he’s home, try to be there for him
No friend can be more important than him
If he wants to go out put everything aside
Let your company be the best thing in life
Be smiling and cheerful and do make him laugh
This is one more way of keeping his heart
Use wisdom and tact when dealing with him
Nothing can be gained by fighting with him
If he does say something which you don’t like
Do give it some thought, perhaps he’s right
As for his money, do spend it with care
Remember all the hard work it took to get there
Be grateful to him in deeds, words and thoughts
Ingratitude to husbands is disliked by God
If you do all this, it’ll improve your life
For marital bliss makes this world Paradise
And think of the reward there is in the Next
It’ll motivate you into doing your best.


For a woman, a good husband is the best thing in life
This very world can become Paradise
What are the things he should do and not do
Keep on reading and I will tell you
Be generous with money, there’s no doubting this
It’s an important ingredient of marital bliss
Spending on family is rewarded by God
If done with the intention of pleasing the Lord
He should treat his wife well, express his love
Appreciate her for all that she does
When he comes home from work, greet her and smile
Realise that household chores is no easy life
He should share in the housework, lend her a hand
Be patient with her, sometimes say “Thanks’
A compliment or two also goes a long way
‘I just loved the food you cooked today.”
Avoid scolding her and in fact, he should try
To not say things that will make her cry
A woman is sensitive – it’s the emotions in her
That makes her so loving, and a fine nurturer
If she should err, rather than shout
Explain to her gently what it’s all about
As for important decisions in life
He should take them after consulting his wife
She is after all, his partner and friend
Happily together should their life be spent
It’s a great opportunity, not to be lost
Why go for conflict when life is so short
I urge you my friend, take my advice
Be kind, patient, generous, enjoy Paradise.

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