Google Summer of Code: Mid Term Evaluations

Hi, I am very delighted that I have passed the mid term evaluations of my project. So far, I have done PDF, SVG and DIA export relations schema’s. SVG and DIA export is done by using  [0] extension of php. It was not easy to use that library because there was not much support tutorials or documentation available even at [1]. But I worked hard on it to make it work finally. [0] gives us a superb support when we have to write/generate long length XML files.

I am posting SVG  sample graphic generated from Skilla database.

This SVG diagram can be easily edited by any SVG editor.

I am also posting Dia XML diagram generated from Skilla database. Dia XML file can be viewed in DIA IDE. Generated Dia diagram can be easily edited by it. Dia diagram is written by using [0] and it has validated XML. Database Objects are used to draw the database tables and references.

I will continue working with Microsoft Vision Schema now in this week.



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