Google Summer of Code 2010: 10th week


This week was very disappointed for me because my health was broken and 5 hours of work took more than 4 days to complete 🙁

I had decided to go with manually creating EPS files by using POST SCRIPT commands. I had started very good but when I had to calculate the width of string I got stuck there and I realized that I must need to use PS Extension [0] to calculate the width of string. But there was no DLL for my wamp installation. So, I had two options. Create DLL or use the Linux and install PS Extension [0] and then use it. I am a windows user. So, I  decided to install Ubuntu in my Virtual Machine.

I tried to install Ubuntu 101 times at my laptop and on my pc as well but I didn’t got success at all. After being mad with its installation I downloaded the ISO image of Ubuntu again from their website and burned it on CD and then install it again. Luckily, It has been installed at my laptop in Virtual Machine and now I will code EPS Schema using PS Extension [0] after installing.

while I was frustrated with the installation of Ubuntu. I also tried to create DLL myself by using compilers of VC++ 2005 and 2008 version as well. But It took a lot of time in installation and configuration and again no success. I consulted a lot of forums but nothing 🙁

So, I am now working with Visio XML generation plus installing the xampp in Ubuntu now. I will try my best to finish both these two Schema’s till next Sunday.


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