[export relations schema project] Google SOC 2010

Hi Guys, I am posting my proposal  that was recently accepted for Google Summer of Code 2010 at phpMyAdmin. It is a great chance for me to do something really honorable in my life 😉   I will try my best to do everything according to plan. Following is the original proposal.

Exporting Relations schema to SVG,EPS,PDF,MS Visio and Dia’s XML file formats


I will introduce very magnificent features to help the demonstration of dynamic view of database structure by using PHP,MYSQL and XML, having ability to export Relations schema
in SVG,EPS,PDF,MS Visio and Dia’s XML file formats. The features, I am catering will possibly be available in phpMyAdmin schema tab along with other tabs.

Benefits to the users:

Just a couple of clicks away from the fabulous demonstration for any type of project related to databases. Dia,SVG and Visio formats store its diagrams as XML documents while Pdf and Eps are also widely used document formats. So, all these formats are much more suitable for the inclusion in the documents.

1. SVG is a language for describing 2D-graphics and graphical applications in XML.

2. The EPS file can contain any combination of text, graphics, and images,and it is the same as any other PostScript language page description with only a few restrictions.

3. Each Adobe PDF file encapsulates a complete description of a fixed-layout 2D document that includes the text, fonts, images, and 2D vector graphics which compose the documents

4. You could even edit the dia XML diagrams by hand. It can be used to draw many different kinds of diagrams. It currently has special objects to help draw entity relationship diagrams, UML diagrams, flowcharts, network diagrams, and simple circuits.

5. All types of Visio documents (drawings, stencils, and templates) can be saved in the XML for Visio format.

Project Details:

I have planned to do the exporting relations schema (without Data Dictionary) to 5 formats including the rewrite of PDF schema that is currently bounded to just pdf. So, I will basically create a base class for rendering the schema and then implement subclasses for each format including the rewrite of PDF.

My efforts will actually be a PHP script which takes the database structure in phpmyadmin and exports the proposed formats. It will be Object Oriented Module that can be extended with other formats in future.

My game plan is to use XML Writer extension (This extension represents a writer that provides a non-cached, forward-only means of generating streams or files containing XML data) for generating XML in native format of Dia’s XML Program,SVG and Microsoft Visio’s Formats. I will not use any existing library for these formats because I will program them myself. However, for PDF , I will use tcpdf existing library and at last for EPS I will need to create Post scripts file manually by using pslib provided by php. Specification of all the formats are available. So, it will not be problem to create the files manually.

EPS Specification http://www.adobe.com/devnet/postscript/pdfs/5002.EPSF_Spec.pdf

MS Visio http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa218409(office.10).aspx

Dia http://projects.gnome.org/dia/

Users will be able to put the title of the documents at the time of exporting schema. There is an option that this feature should be available with the tabs at top or it should be in Operations tab.


Results will be a module of phpmyadmin that produces relational schema of database structure without data dictionary in SVG,EPS,PDF,Visio and Dia Formats.

Project Schedule:

During Community bonding period I will study the internals of PMA though I will feel better understanding after doing couple of patches. when coding session will start following will be my schedule and I will give u updates every week. I will also stay online in IRC during working on project.

week-1 : code the base class and subclasses structure

week-2 : implement PDF export

week-3 : code the SVG structure subclass

week-4 : implement SVG export

week-5 : code the Dia structure subclass

week-6 : implement dia’s XML format

week-7 : code the Visio structure subclass

week-8 : mid-term evaluation

week-9 : implement Visio format

week-10 : code the EPS structure subclass

week-11 : Implement EPS format

week-12 : Final Evaluation

I will keep posting the updates to the community to get some feedback.

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    1. hey man Congratulations!we are proud of U…May Allah grant u more success & also to me & other felllows…Anyhow Congratulations Again…

    2. Congratulations Adnan on this achievement. Being a university fellow I wish you hope for the best in your field.

    3. Congratulations adnan for your achievement. u have make your parents, your university and country proud. do not stop at this point. continue learning from the environment around you. i wish that your success and achievements never end.

    4. Please accept my heartiest congrulations on this great achievement. Best of luck dear!
      Raees Alam
      MBA 3rd Semester (VU)

          1. yes my Dear! Virtuals’ students are something, no need to declare what they supposed to, May Allah Bless Muhammad Adnan and Virtuals’ students too.

    5. Congratulation my dear seniour.May Allah give you more success and more achivement.

      “Proude to be Virtulians”

  1. Congratulations dear
    Proud to be Pakistani and proude to be Virtualian.I also done MBA(MIS) from vu and now i got a great job due to Vu
    again Congratulations to u and ur Parents,

      1. Good Brother
        i am also a student of MBA Finance Final semestor
        from virtual university of pakistan.

        I all proud of view best of luck for future

  2. Dear Brother we all Virtualians are proud of you for your great success. This success is not only success of your own but also the success of whole VU world.

  3. Dear Adnan! Great. You have added a feather in the crown of your mother of education i.e. Virtual Universities. We all students of VU are proud of U. Keep it up.

  4. Proud to be a Virtualian and we all Virtualians are proud of you for your great success. This success is not only success of your own but whole VU team who produce Brilliant students.

  5. AOA


    We are expecting more from u.May ALLAH Subhana Bless u with all the success of Life & Aakhira. Aamin

  6. i always thought lums and iba and universities like fast can only produce good students and their students have the ability to to change things i always wonder about the education of middle class thanks alotTtTtT TO prove my negative thoughts wrong thanks for giving hope

    1. You are absolutely right. I had the same thinking sometime ago but in fact ” ITS ALL ABOUT TALENT NOT UNIVERSITIES ”

      So, I request please whenever a company seeks for employees measure them with TALENT not University .

      1. hay com on u prove me wrong i m thankful for that i was really depressed some ppl talk to me at vu campus and they say this degree has no worth i was keep thinkg for 3 days what to do what are the other universities i can join but u know we middle class ppl always stuck at fee structure lolz…….. now i m feeling relax thanks for doing that i m Proud that u Prove Them Wrong thanks for that

  7. Assalam-o-alaikum.

    I am proud of you my friend that you brighten the name of our university. May Allah give you more and more success (Aameen)


    Fahad Yousuf Khan
    Senior Executive
    (Search Engine Optimization)

  8. Dear Adnan,

    Good to hear that person like you is still making us proud. This is not only your acheivement but we all are also proud that our beloved nation is still producing person of such caliber. I wish you many success in your life. Please guide students that need your help through Internet (Website or Email).

  9. Great work as accepted by a technology giant! Can you show some samples of your code to help others to continue?

    Happy coding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. For All VU Students + Well Wishers:

    I am really happy for awesome support from all of you. I will make some posts in near future about the technology stuff that will be beneficial for all of us and specially for students. just subscribe for RSS feed at my blog and stay tuned 😉


  11. Good job Adnan. It’s great to see that a Virtualian has Mashallah step ahead and shown the world that Virtualians are talented and can meet the goals successfully and extraordinary. Wish you all the best for future and May Allah Subhan-u-Tallah bless you and all the rest of VU students with great power of knowledge and skills. Ameen…

  12. Congratulation Dear lovely brother.
    Dear Brother we all Virtualians are proud of you for your great success. This success is not only success of your own but also the success of whole VU world. I m praying for u that Allah bless u and ur family, may u live long like as akash bail and seeing like as fresh rose.

  13. Congratulations Mr. Adnan !! I am also from virtual university doing B.A. in mass comm. just watched ur name at virtual site and felt happy for u so wishing u a bright future Ameen !!

  14. Dear brother Aslam-o-alikum,

    I hope that you will more promotion in future Inshah Allah.I pray God bless on you and your home.
    Pray for us
    Niazi from Mianwali

  15. Congratulation Adnan Bhai.
    May Allah Shower His Countless Blessings upon You. And help You in every field of your life.

  16. Assalam-o-alaikum.
    Dear Friend
    I am proud of you my friend that you brighten the name of our university. May Allah give you more and more success (Aameen)

  17. congratulation! we are proud of you. Your achievement gave confidence to other students that they can also achieve their goals by doing hard work.
    may Allah gives u more success.

  18. Dear Brother,

    Many many congratulations on a great achievement. I am also the student of MCS in VU. I am hungry to get knowledge about computer. guide me

  19. Hi buddy!
    I’m really proud of you. I am also student of virtual university and was thinking to transfer my credit hours to somewhere else but you change my decision.
    I’m free lancer also work in PHP, mySQL and little with DOM.

  20. Congratulation adnan brother. We all proud of you being a Pakistani as well a Virtual University Student. Keep going on….

  21. Dear Adnan,

    Assalam o Alikum,

    Mabrook ya Akhi 🙂 😉 Congratulation dear brother.

    Really proud of U………

    All the best for your future plans as well.


  22. ASALAM O ALAIKUM. Dear Adnan brother. Congratulation on your success. May ALLAH bless you.

  23. Congratulations Dear,

    We all are proud of you being a VU students.

    Best Wishes for you and your family

  24. Congratulations Dear,

    We all are proud of you being a VU students.

    Allah Subhan-u-Tallah Giveu More More Power and Strength Ammenn

  25. Congrats on the achievement. Though people from VU should understand this has nothing to do with VU. Its a pure result of Adnan’s self learning and hard work. I am myself a VU student and know adnan personally. VU can show it off on their notice boards but they have nothing to take credit from this.

    Saad Bassi

    1. Thanks buddy,
      but I would say that If VU is not delivering the education at my door/home then I am sure I wouldn’t be part of this great GSoC Program. First credit goes to VU no doubt because I am student because of VU and this is the main requirement of Google Summer of Code Program.

      self learning + hard work is must whether you are studying in Fast/Lums or Universities like VU + AIOU. These [self learning + hard work] doesn’t comes in package If you are student of Fast/Lums


    2. Well said by Adnan. Besides what Adnan said, I would add there is nothing wrong if VU takes the credit and publish it through VU notice board. Its not going to harm any one but I am sure it will bring a lot of motivation for other Virtualians.
      Saad saheb, dil wada rakho. itna chota nai sochtey

  26. Dear Adnan,

    Assalam o Alikum,
    we are proude to be a muslim.my encurage hase been developed to see your hard work.may Allaha bless you.Allways be happy.

  27. wah ji wah maza agya jani ,,, chalo ab vu ki girls sari tujh per fida mazy ker jani enjoy the bachizzzzzzzzzzz hehehe . i know it sound weired but when it going to happned mujhy dua dena ,, vu per girls just set hony ati hein werna fake university mein perhny ka or kia charm ho skata ha just 2000 mein seting free hehehe

    1. well first of all congrats adnan,
      and secondly zero.com get a life , vu par koe prince charming nai atay jo girls yaha so called set honay ati hon , come on it isnt a fake uni. i think one should respect other bcz ho sakta hy kal apki sis b isi uni main admission ly ly..

      1. sometimes i upset when i scan such comments that VU is substandard university, vu par koe prince charming nai atay jo girls yaha so called set honay ati hon etc. I believe that VU is really a great University: it is Excellent in that it takes average or low class student and convert him/her in high class student. Other universities only take students who have at least 60% in metric, FSc or Bachlor. Think logically, a student who has habit to work hard till FSc will, of course, work hard as he/she has habit to work hard. But thanks to VU took an average or low class student and convert him/her in high class student. Now decide yourself which University is Excellent!!! Rember its time to show practically what you have not only degree with A grades and hot even know the basics of that subject. So don’t regret VU. Its great University. May ALLAH bless all VU staff and co-ordinaters. Please visit the followin link where i provide real stories that what other Universities’ students do while they are in process of gaining degree. Thanks

    2. @zero I agree what @noor said. I don’t need to set anybody as I am married and have 2 kids. I love my wife 🙂

      It’s not a fake University. Never mind your thinking is fake. If you will work hard [don’t waster time in setting with girls] you will succeed I AM SURE !!

      1. Dear Adnan, reading about u, i feel proud of u and ashamed of myself, bcz i have family and kids too and want to study but thinking how to find time. Could u tell me the secret of finding time? Any how u give me light of hope too. Thanks and congrates….

    3. Congrats to Adnan for his remarkable achievement. And as for Mr. zero.com you are a big zero in your words as well as in your thoughts. Your kind of people always find something negative in positive things. “Zero” that’s what you are.

  28. Congratulation dear, I am realy realy realy proud of you, keep doing more & more hardwork, best best of luck dear.

  29. Good workout Adnan.
    Being an Ex-Student of First Batch of MCS, I feel proud on this effort.
    My prays are with you, God give you success in your life.

  30. Dear Adnan,

    I feel very happy on your success specially because you are from virtual University student, as I also completed MBA from this university and immediately got job Saudi-Arabia. May God help you to get more achievements.

  31. Assalam Alekum

    Masha-Allah Adnan bro you done very good work, this is proud of our university. So keep it up. You are the ideal for other students.

  32. dear Adnan bhai………… i am so happy that u achieve your goal………..


  33. Atlast a releif that vu is a competent univeristy and has very good teaching methodology.As there were jobs with the statements that specifically VU students cannot apply.This will be a slap on their faces who thinks like that

  34. Salam Bhayya, Many Many Congratulationz! for the achievement. We are really proud of you my brother…. keep it up…
    I am Student of BSCS for Virtual University.. I would like to travel through software engineering… so what would you suggest me to do??
    Have a nice Day!

  35. Hi Bro
    So Many Congratulations on your success.
    may Allah bless you with such honour in future .

  36. adnan yaar kia baat hai yaar may master in i.t ka student . how can i participate in gsoc. and what kind of projects can relate to my degree

  37. AOA. Congratulation brother. It is really wonderful achievement. I really feeling proud to be a Pakistani. May Allah bless u!

  38. Congratulations Adnan! You really did some thing that must be recognised. Here I want to congratulate Virtual University also. God Almighty bless you…

  39. Congratulations brother, it is really wonderful achievement. I really feeling proud to be a Pakistani and proude to be Virtualian.
    May Allah bless you with such honour in future. (Ameen)

  40. Great brother.
    Congratulation ……may God give u sucess in all part of ur life
    we proud of you being virtualian and Pakistani.

  41. Assalam-o-Alaikum Congratulation awsome great achiement brother. I really feeling proud to be a Pakistani and virtualian. May Allah bless You.

  42. Dear

    Its not only the matter of our University, its a matter of our country, Dear I pray for you that you have brighten the name of Pakistan in good faith,

    Pakistan is in need of such good efforts. We all should put our part of share like Adnan.
    I proud to be a Pakistani………….

  43. First of all Thank ALLAH,Secondly our dear PAKISTAN,VU and VU teachers who prepare U so.
    I congratulate U brother,VU and VU teachers, so carry on brother, to show people what a VU student can do!!!!!!!!
    Once again congratulation bhai sb.

    Afzal Subhani
    MCS 3rd semester

  44. wow

    Wish you all the best for future.

    Never forget to mention VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY OF PAKISTAN.

    We proud to be PAKISTANI..

  45. Congrates BRO……….!!!
    I’m really happy to know this…!
    main bhi apki tara kuch kerna chahti hun…!
    Proud of u Dear BRO…!

  46. very good friend i,m proud of u because u are one of those who prove that pakistani is great and we appreciate your victory very good. very good

  47. Awesome job MashAllah! Hope you continue to be successful and many more Pakistanis emulate your footsteps inshAllah!

  48. many congratulations dear fellow.
    we are proud of you to be our VU fellow. may God bless you and keep showering on you the blessings of success.

  49. Thanks for so nice words – I did my BSCS from Allama Iqbal Open University. I started software development when I was in 6th semester of BSCS but I was fond of the IT stuff since 11th Class.I actually started professional development when I completed my BSCS in jan 2007. See About section of my website and follow me at twitter http://twitter.com/hiddenpearls to know more about me 😉

  50. A.a
    h r u?
    mashAllah we r feeling so proud to indentify u as a part of our University and an intelligent successor……We so proud on u as u hv lighten a bright way for Pakistan and it’s students…May Allah bless u and ur lucky family with lots of happiness,properity,success,gud health, and lots of iman and patrioticm in ur lives ameen….remember me in ur prayers and Whole Heartidly lots of Best luckkkk…..keep smiling keep progressingn live long happily ameen

  51. hay dear u are great plz try to do some thing different. u are great

    thnaks u are great i am proude of u brother

  52. heya!! CODer..! em a beginer but have a bit knowledge of your Great achievement!!
    Being a student ov VU i have right to wish you twice!!! 😀
    MAy ALLah shower his blessings upon you.
    Have fun with project.

  53. Dear, many congratulations to you on this great achievement. I acknowledge your effective work that became a cause of your fame. I wish you best of luck and pray for such achievements in future.

    Munawar Gul

  54. Nice to see a paki doing all that my bro. Proud to be paki. Next uni will be muet and i’ll be next gsoc inshaALLAH.

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