Do u know what is “Google Code In” ?

If you or any of yours around falls between age 13 and 17 i.e pre-university students who are enthusiastic about Computers knowledge and have time for Open Source code. Recommend them to take part in Google Code In.

Google Code In 2011
Google Code In 2011

What is Google Code In 2011 ?

Google Code In is an open source Contest in which pre-university students take part to complete number of tiny tasks. On completion, students get paid for the tasks done. Complete more and more tasks and higher your rankings among other contestants. Top 10 would visit to Google headquarters in Mountain View with parent or legal guardian by Google. Here is a list of last year Winners. Remember, this is not just a programming contest. here is a list of tasks categorized.

1. Code: Writing or refactoring code
2. Documentation: Creating and editing documents
3. Outreach: Community management and outreach, as well as marketing
4. Quality Assurance: Testing and ensuring code is of high quality
5. Research: Studying a problem and recommending solutions
6. Training: Helping others learn more
7. Translation: Localization (adapting code to your region and language)
8. User interface: User experience research or user interface design and interaction

Visit FAQs Stay tuned to the contest site and subscribe to their mailing list for more updates on the contest. The Google Code-in contest starts on November 21, 2011, So start preparing yourself for this great opportunity by Google. I want to see more and more Coders this year 😉

Good luck!

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